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Can I use a container to store my bicycles? 

Ian Bird
  • Ian Bird
  • 16th November 2020
  • Container Hire Self Store

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If you are wondering ‘Can I store my bicycles?’ The answer is yes, you can. 

 A self-storage container is the perfect solution if you’ve got no space at home to keep your bicycles safe and dry. And you can, of course, also keep all your bike kit there as well. You can store tyres, tubes, tools, your shoes and helmet, and anything else you need to stay on the road or trail.  

Just drive up to your container, swap your car for your bike, and then do the same in reverse at the end of your ride. 

You can also keep — and use — other exercise-related gear in your container. Examples include static bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, weights, and even some gym equipment. 

In fact, there are very few things you can’t store or do in a container. Some things are prohibited for health and safety reasons — there’s a full list here. There are also some activities you’re not allowed to carry out in a self-storage container. You can find out more here.