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What can be stored?

What can be stored?

When you hire a Space Program self-storage container, you can store pretty much anything in it. That includes all the things you’re likely to have at home, in your office, or need to run your business.

Popular things you can store include…

  • Furniture and soft furnishings
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Household electricals
  • Garage and shed items
  • Bicycles, canoes, and kayaks
  • Office equipment (but no flammable liquids)
  • Trades tools, including drills and other electricals.

There are some items you can’t store in your Space Program unit, either on legal grounds or on health and safety grounds.

Things you can’t store include…

  • Food or anything else perishable unless it’s securely packed so it can’t attract vermin
  • Domestic animals, fish, birds and all other living creatures
  • Anything combustible or flammable, such as gas canisters and compressed gas, tins of solvent-based paint, cans of petrol or oil, and cleaning solvents
  • Vehicles with petrol in the tanks
  • Any type of firearm, ammunition, and explosives
  • Radioactive material, biological agents, and certain chemicals
  • Any kind of toxic waste, asbestos in any form, and any other potentially hazardous materials
  • Anything that emits fumes, a smell or odour.

You can find out more in our Terms &Conditions.