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Did you know we offer packaging?

Welcome to the Universe of Storage products – Your one-stop hub for all your storage needs! Dive into the convenience of Damp Sticks, perfectly engineered to keep your belongings dry and fresh, tackling condensation head-on. Illuminate your storage with our super bright 72 LED lights, offering magnetic convenience. Don’t forget our Earth-friendly, heavy-grade Storage Cartons – the essential companion for every mover, and of course, the indispensable Bubble Wrap and Buff PVC Tape. All available at jaw-dropping prices. Dial up our Mission Control now at 0800 8527100 or drop an email to [email protected]. Get ready to journey with us into the world of secure, hassle-free storage!


An essential for house movers and always useful for anyone looking to self-store. Perfect to pack away all those bits and pieces and, thoughtfully, they come packaged up in a box!

5 Small boxes 355 x 255 x 355mm £9.00 (inc VAT)

5 Medium boxes 405 x 405 x 405mm £12.00 (inc VAT)

5 Large boxes 455 x 455 x 550mm £18.00 (inc VAT)

Bubble Wrap

Perfect for keeping your stuff safe during liftoff

Standard Bubble wrap

100 metre x 500mm £14.40 (inc VAT)

Packing tape

Packing tapes are designed to secure your belongings with ease, ensuring that no external factors can compromise the integrity of the sealed boxes. The robust adhesiveness ensures a sturdy grip, keeping the contents in place and safe from shocks or movements.

Buff PVC Tape

3 roll pack – 48mmx66m £7.20 (inc VAT)

LED Lights

72 LED lamp lights –  If you need to throw a little light on things, bright, magnetic and perfect to stick inside a container!

£7.50 (inc VAT) each

LED Light


Containers are sealed, so no water can get in, and they are vented to allow air to flow through. If everything is dry when it goes into the container, everything will stay nice and dry.

However, if you are storing things which may have a bit of moisture in them, washing machines for example, condensation can sometimes be a problem. There’s more about condensation here.

The Dampstick works by absorbing airborne moisture and storing it inside a reservoir , which can be disposed of when full. They generally last approximately 3-6 months.

£45.00 (inc VAT)