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Work/life blog #9

Rachel King
  • Rachel King
  • 15th October 2021
  • Container Hire Renting Storage Space

Our final work/life blog of the series comes from Dave, Mission Controller of the Avonmouth Space Program;


“I got the work/life balance the wrong way round in previous jobs, I lived to work.  At the time, I thought work was so important – it consumed me.  One year, I got to the end of the year and looked at the things I hadn’t done, the friends I hadn’t seen.  I’ve learnt from my mistakes.  I do try to keep more of a balance now.  As I get older, the out of work bit gets more important.

I do still struggle with leaving work on time, despite my ‘leave at 5.30pm, Dave’ mantra!  In my defence, the rush hour traffic at Avonmouth is pretty awful and who wants to be stuck in that?

I switch off as soon as I get in the car and the gates shut.

I don’t really get stressed, if I do have something bothering me, I might go outside and have a quick shout! At home, I’ll go in the garage and do something completely different from whatever’s winding me up.  I think it comes with maturity, you don’t achieve anything from getting stressed.

I feel more settled now, I’m happy to help others as I feel I have the capacity now.  I’ve definitely achieved a better work/life balance.  It’s the best it’s ever been in my working career now.”