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Work life blog #3

Hazel Edwards
  • Hazel Edwards
  • 12th October 2021
  • Container Hire Renting Storage Space

Our next work/life blog comes from Rachel, who does the marketing for The Space Program;

12 Days of Self Storage, Self storage, business storage, personal storage, the Space Program

“As a busy  mum of two, I find a good work life balance is essential to keep me sane.

I work from home for part of the week, which gives me a good opportunity to get my head down and get projects finished.  I enjoy going into the office and visiting our depots for the remainder of the week. It keeps me in touch with everything that’s going on and prevents me feeling isolated.

I’ve been lucky in that my children are older, so they’ve been more independent with home-schooling during lockdown.  However, having an understanding employer that is prepared to trust their staff members and be flexible has really helped during these difficult times.  It has meant that I can dash out to collect the children when needed and just alter my working hours accordingly.

I enjoy reading and running in my spare time, and I find going for a run in the evenings is a really good way to switch off from work and de-stress.  I also find that baking helps me to unwind, though it’s not too good for my waistline.

I never seem to have enough time for housework, but I don’t think it’s the work life balance that’s to blame for that!”