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When might I need to use Self Storage?

Andre Sejournant
  • Andre Sejournant
  • 7th June 2021
  • Container Hire Renting Storage Space

When might I need to use Self Storage?

The answer to this could be any time!

People use our services at different points in their lives.  These may include merging two households into one.  Self storage can be used to store extra furniture and bits that you don’t need until you’ve decided what you want to do with them.

House-movers regularly use self storage to make moving day less stressful. This allows them to gradually pack and unpack in their own time.

Many hobbies and interests can take over the house or garage.  Items such as fishing gear, motorbikes and canoes, for example, are fairly bulky to store.  Keeping them in a storage unit is a fuss-free solution.  You can still access them whenever you want, but they don’t take up valuable floor space at home.

If you are separating or getting divorced, moving your stuff into self storage can give you somewhere to keep everything while you sort out what the future holds.

A death in the family can be devastating to deal with.  When you are grieving, having to sort through personal belongings can be too much too soon.  Self storage can give you some time and space to store things before you need to make any decisions.

Many people work from home and/or are self employed.    This may mean that you have a lot of paperwork, tools and supplies.  Rather than keeping these in your house, a storage unit can keep them secure, dry and out of the way until you need them.  We provide insurance of up to £20,000 for most contents, so you can rest assured that everything is safe in our containers.

Self storage can also provide solutions for businesses.  The impact of the last year has been really tough on many companies, and you may be looking for ways to reduce overheads.  Some businesses have chosen to cut their costs by using our self storage units as an alternative to more costly industrial units or workshops.  Other businesses, especially tradesmen such as plumbers and builders, have seen demand increase in recent times.  They’ve used our services to enable them to order and store more stock.

Whatever stage you are at, we are always happy to help and advise.  Feel free to call or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.