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What is Self Storage?

Crystal Satterwhite-Hurley
  • Crystal Satterwhite-Hurley
  • 15th April 2024
  • Renting Storage Space Storage Containers

What is Self Storage?
Self storage is a convenient service that allows individuals and businesses to rent space to securely store their belongings.  It’s great for house-movers, who may need extra space on a short term basis. It is equally good for those wanting longer-term storage.

Traditional warehousing is typically more expensive, requires longer-term commitments and is used by businesses for large-scale inventory. Self storage provides a more personalised and flexible solution.

At The Space Program, we use shipping containers in our friendly, accessible depots.  We provide ground-level units that you can drive up to. This feature significantly eases the loading and unloading process—no lifts or trolleys needed, just park your vehicle right next to your unit and start transferring your items.
We do also have a few ‘topper’ units at a couple of our sites.  These are slightly cheaper as they are accessed up a flight of stairs.

The difference between self storage and warehousing is notable, particularly in terms of cost and accessibility. Our units are considerably cheaper than warehouses and are accessible 24/7.  They offer you the freedom to access your belongings whenever necessary, a flexibility rarely found in traditional warehousing setups.

Self storage isn’t just a space; it’s a solution tailored to simplify your life. Whether you’re decluttering, relocating, or need extra space for your personal or business items, our secure, convenient storage options are designed to meet your needs. With flexible, short-term contracts and a variety of unit sizes, you can find the perfect space without the hassle of long-term commitments.