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What do you keep in your Storage Unit?

Katie Richardson
  • Katie Richardson
  • 4th March 2024
  • Renting Storage Space

Have you ever stopped to think about the endless possibilities a storage unit holds?

What would you keep in a storage unit? It’s easier – and quicker – to ask what can’t you keep? There’s not much you aren’t able to keep in self storage.  At The Space Program, our units have seen all sorts of things, from the practical to the downright unique.

Let’s dive into some of the extraordinary ways our clients have made use of their space, proving that when it comes to storage, the sky—or rather, space—is the limit.

🥁 Drum Roll for the Drummers

Imagine the beat dropping… in a storage unit! That’s right, one of our cosmic uses includes a drummer using the unit not just to store their drums, but as a private studio to practice their solos. No noise complaints here – in space, no one can hear you drum.

🎭 Theatre’s Hidden Warehouse

Ever marvel at the magic of theatre? Some of that enchantment is stored right here in our containers. From grand sets to dazzling props, we’ve housed the dreams of theatres, ensuring their next act is always ready to go.

🎡 Fairground Fantasies

Ever wondered where the fun goes when the fair’s not in town? Some of it hibernates in storage units! We’ve stored pieces of fairground ride equipment, waiting to whirl and twirl again. It’s a fairground of ideas in here!

🎄 O Christmas Tree, Where Art Thou?

Yes, we’ve had Christmas trees too! Not just one, but forests of them.

🚗 Classic Cars and Hovercrafts

From vintage wheels to hovercrafts that glide, our containers are like hangars for your rides. Whether it’s a classic car awaiting its next sunny day cruise or a hovercraft gearing up for its next adventure, we’ve got the space.

🍺 Cheers to Beer Storage

For the ale aficionados, we’ve even hosted a beer subscription service’s hoppy treasures. Our units keep their brews cool and ready to quench your thirst for adventure.

🧸 Toy Story: The Real-Life Version

Toymakers have turned our containers into Santa’s workshop, storing toys that bring joy across the cosmos. From plushies to puzzles, it’s a playroom of possibilities.

🛍️ The Fashion of Shopfittings

Retailers have found a stylish solution in our units, storing shopfittings that make their spaces chic and inviting. It’s like a walk-in closet for your business!

❄️ Let It Snow, Let It Snow…Fake Snow!

And for the grand finale, we’ve even stored snow. Yes, you read that right. (Mostly) fake snow, for film sets, making every day a potential winter wonderland.


Whether it’s for business inventory, a hobby that’s outgrown the home, or just the need to declutter your living space, we offer a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.

So, what will you launch into storage next? Remember, in our universe, there’s a space for every dream and every necessity.