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Spotless Water in Space

Rachel King
  • Rachel King
  • 16th April 2021
  • Container Hire Storage for Business
Our self storage depots are home to a wide variety of businesses as well as home movers and hobbyists. One of our more recent business customers at our Swindon Space Program is Spotless Water.
Spotless Water provide water for the aquatic, car valeting, detailing and cleaning trade and anyone else in the cleaning industry that has a use for ultra pure water. They use our site for their ultra pure water filling station. Should you need their services, you can access them here at the Space Program in Swindon.
The company consider a lot of different factors when they set up in a new location. They found that Swindon Space Program was ideal for their needs;
“When Spotless Water look for a new site, we must consider multiple aspects, including location, accessibility, and water supply. We found that Swindon Space Program ticked all the boxes, with the ideal location for our station, easy access and ample room for our customers to park.
“From the start, we have found everyone at Swindon Space Program so accommodating and amicable! The staff have been nothing but understanding and welcoming in all aspects. We are extremely grateful to everyone at Swindon Space Program and to have chosen this site for our ultra pure water filling station.”
So, what does the future hold for Spotless Water?
“Spotless Water are in the process of signing partnership agreements with a number of national UK retailers in order to expand our ultra pure water network. We are working to an aggressive growth plan which will see hundreds of new sites over the next 18 months and Spotless Water is always looking for the next opportunity! The company are continuing to work on providing convenience, reliability, and quality ultra pure water for all our customers.
“We can only sing songs of praises about our partnership with the Swindon Space Program. Everyone has been very friendly, and our customers are extremely happy with this new site!”
You can find out more about Spotless Water and their services on their website here.
For more information about how the Space Program can support your business to grow, you can fill out the form below or give us a ring, and we’ll be happy to help.