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Small industrial unit or a storage container, which is best for you??

Hazel Edwards
  • Hazel Edwards
  • 9th October 2020
  • Container Hire Renting Storage Space Storage Containers

If you’ve just started looking for storage solutions, you might be wondering; small industrial unit or storage container – which is best for me?

Both options can help you by providing  safe, secure storage, but that’s where the similarities normally end.

Firstly, price;

Depending on the size of the unit and the location, this can vary enormously. When you are comparing price, look out for additional costs.  With an industrial unit, you are often looking at a rental cost plus rates, insurance and a service charge. Then you will have heating, power and water bills to pay.   You may even need to take on an extra employee to staff it.  The price you are quoted for self-storage in a container may also have extra charges.  Just check that the price includes insurance, 24 hour access and use of a padlock.

At the Space Program, our prices include up to £20,000 insurance, high security padlock and 24/7 access.


How long are you tied in for?  You normally have to sign a lease for an industrial unit, committing you to a contract for at least 12 months.  This adds a considerable overhead to your business.  Self-storage containers are more flexible.  Usually only a couple of weeks’ notice is required, but you will  to check the terms with the individual company.

At the Space Program, we ask for 2 weeks’ notice and have a 2 week minimum hire period.


Once you’ve signed a contract, you are tied in to your industrial unit until you come to the end of your contract.  With a good container self-storage company, if your requirements change and you need more or less space, it is possible to change to a different container size.  It’s also possible to rent an extra unit for a while if you need more space.  Simply move out when you’ve finished.

Additional extras;

Are there any other  services you can benefit from?  With most industrial units, all that is provided is the space.  Some companies may provide additional business support.  At the Space Program, we want to make life as easy as possible for the businesses we work with, so we have a number of services that we can offer.  These include receiving and signing for goods on your behalf (Sign and Store), free van hire, as well as our new Business Club.


How easy is it to get your stuff in and out? Some industrial sites can be large and tricky to get around. You also need to check there are no restrictions in accessing the industrial unit out of hours. With a ground level container, you can drive right up to the door, making loading and unloading much easier.  We also ensure all of our customers can access their containers at any hour of the day or night

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to help.