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We need you to share some details with us. Sorry if this looks a bit much, but any reputable storage company will need you to share these details. This is mainly to ensure that we know exactly who all our customers are for the benefit of everyone’s security.

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Use the format dd/mm/yyyy

You want to know that you aren’t sharing your storage facility with a potential terrorist or drug gang, right? That’s why we need to know all our customers so that our storage facilities cannot be used for illegal purposes such as the storage of explosives, chemicals or illegal goods. We will use the details you have given above to run a quick ID check to make sure we can positively identify you. We have partnered with Experian so that this can be done securely and accurately. This should take no more that 2 minutes and if everything checks out as it should, we can proceed with getting you moved in.

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I needed more space for a couple of months while I was refurbishing my house. The Space Program had the solution for me, a container at MY PLACE. They also beat the other container companies hands down on pricing. I highly recommend their service.