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7 Important questions to ask when looking for self storage

Andre Sejournant
  • Andre Sejournant
  • 23rd April 2021
  • Renting Storage Space Storage Containers

Not all self storage facilities are alike.  There are several key questions that are worth asking before you sign any contract.

Important questions to ask when looking for self storage;

What security arrangements are there?  Do they have security patrols or CCTV? What’s their security record like – have they previously had any break-ins?

Are there any extra or hidden costs?  Do you need to pay extra for insurance or a padlock?  What exactly is included in the price you pay?

Do you provide insurance?  If they do, what cover does it provide?

What access arrangements are there?  Can you access your stuff whenever you need it, 24/7, or is it just in working hours?  How easy is it to get to your unit? Can you drive up to it and park outside, or will you need to carry things for a distance?  Is it ground floor-level or will you need to navigate stairs or lifts?

Can they take deliveries for you?  Are there any additional services they offer that might help you or your business?

What’s the minimum hire period?  Check that you aren’t entering into a lengthy commitment.

Is that actually the price you’ll pay in 3 months’ time?  Be wary. When you compare prices, some companies will give you what sounds like a great price to start with, but this is purely an ‘introductory offer’.  You often find that prices rise steeply after that offer finishes, so make sure you know what their usual, non-offer rates are.


You can download our 7.5 Questions Guide which explains more, and you will find out the really important question that 50% of our customers (ie. anyone in business) need the answer to!

7.5 Questions you must ask before choosing a self storage facility