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Is your business outgrowing your home and garage?

Simon Saverton
  • Simon Saverton
  • 26th April 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store Storage for Business

Space Program to the rescue after Claire’s business outgrows her garage

Claire Evans refurbishes vintage industrial furniture to sell online. Her plan chests and cabinets are bought by artists, film and TV companies across the UK. They are also used in High Street retail stores such as White Stuff and Jack Wills.

She first started her business — Attica-Bristol — in her garage, which she quickly outgrew. A neighbour helped her out for a while, but Claire soon realised her next step was to find some space of her own.

Claire tried renting a room in a self-storage warehouse but it was really difficult for her to manoeuvre the large items of furniture on the trollies and down the corridors. It was also tricky getting everything in through the small unit door.

One day, Claire happened to visit our container self storage centre with a friend and realised this was just what she needed.

Even though she lives in central Bristol, Claire decided to rent a unit at the Avonmouth Space Program. It was so much cheaper than anything she could find in the city.

She said: ‘Container storage is so versatile — it can be used for so many things. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind to run a business from a container if someone hadn’t introduced me to the idea. It works really well.


Business self storage


‘People come to look at my furniture at the Avonmouth Space Program. They are surprised to see it in a container and surprised to see I’m running a business from there. They’ve never been to a container storage yard before and they think it’s great.’


Being able to unload directly into her unit is definitely an advantage for Claire. Having the big container doors makes it easier to move larger items in and out.


You can view Claire’s current stock on Facebook

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