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Is a work life balance possible in Space?

Julian Jones
  • Julian Jones
  • 11th October 2021
  • Container Hire Renting Storage Space

This week (11th -15th October) is National Work Life Week.

We all know that it’s important to find a healthy work life balance, but actually achieving it is a lot harder than just talking about it. Especially during a global pandemic.

This week, we’re publishing a series of blogs asking our team what they think a healthy work life balance looks like, how important it is to them, and what do they do to try and achieve it.

First up, is Katie, our Business Administrator;

katie headshot

“A good work/life balance is very important to me. It’s important for your mental health, especially when you have children.

I do find it easier to keep a good work life balance when I’m working from the office.  Working from home, with my work spread out, does make it harder to switch off.

I think I still keep quite a good balance though.  I can shut off from work in the evenings and at the weekends.

I find spending time with my family helps to switch off.  We go for walks and the whole family go rollerblading once a week.”