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Park and Store Van

How else can we help?

We have a huge range of sizes starting from a small 10’ by 8’ unit (about the size of a garden shed) up to a whopping 40’ by 8’ unit with the capacity of a double garage and we’ll help you choose which is best for you. The units all have level access so you can reverse your vehicle right up to your unit and unload directly into it.

With no long term contract you can use the storage as flexibly as you like; take on more units when you have a lot of stuff to store and off-hire them when they’re empty.

In some depots, we can even help with labour, pallets trucks or a forklift truck to load your goods into your unit. Just call on 01934 245027 for more details. Our prices which start from £22 +VAT depending on the size of unit you need and the number and type of deliveries we can expect. …oh and insurance is included*