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How Storage Insurance works

Gino Falco
  • Gino Falco
  • 16th August 2021
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store

How storage insurance works;

As with any of your belongings, you need to make sure that you are covered in case anything happens to them.

Your household insurance normally only covers your stuff when it is kept at home.  When your items are kept in a self-storage unit, you need to ensure you have them insured.

When you purchase self storage, find out what the situation is with insurance.

You may have to arrange this yourself, or your self storage company may offer insurance for an additional fee.  We include £20,000 of insurance free when you hire with us.

In order to benefit from the insurance we offer, you will be given an Insurance Manifest when you sign up.  It is essential that you fill this in with the details of the items to be covered by the insurance and their value.  Until the form is returned, your insurance cover is limited to £100.

If you would like more information about insurance, a summary of the terms and conditions we offer can be found here, or you could just give us a call.