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How many keys do you normally get with a self-storage container?

Sarah Morrissey
  • Sarah Morrissey
  • 10th January 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store Storage Containers

To secure your self-storage unit you will need a strong padlock. There are many different designs, some more secure than others. Most self-storage container will sell you a padlock and two keys.

At The Space Program, we provide a high-security CISA padlock that fits inside the steel storage lockbox on the storage unit. We will provide you with two keys which you will keep. That way you have complete control over who has access to your self-storage unit.

You are free to get further keys cut if you would like to give other people access to your unit.

Unless you are one of our Sign & Store customers, we will not hold copies of your keys. It’s important that you keep them safe. It’s very rare for a customer to lose their keys. If they do, the only way to access the unit would be to pay a locksmith to break the lock. If this happens you will have to pay the locksmith’s charges as well as paying for a new padlock and keys. So please remember to keep your keys safe.

When you off-hire your storage unit, you must return the padlock along with the original two keys. For security, the padlock is not put back onto the container. It is returned to stock where it could next be used on any container at any of our locations.