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How do I know what size storage space I will need at the Space Program?

Andre Sejournant
  • Andre Sejournant
  • 8th June 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store Storage Containers

We have several different sizes of self-storage units at the Space Program. We start with small 1 cubic metre lockers and go right up to 320 sqft storage containers. We can help you no matter what size space you need!

Thinking about the exact size you need can be confusing if you have never had to before. Firstly, it obviously depends only on how much stuff you have to store. It also depends on whether you want to cram everything in to use up all the space or if you want to be able to get to things.

We like to go by the rule of thumb outlined below.

Think about a single garage. Is that about the right size for the things you need to store? If that’s about right, you need to look at one of our 20ft units described below. If that’s too big or too small, you will be able to see from the list below which size unit would suit you better.

Or pick the unit based on the contents you want to store:

Garden shed – 25 sq ft to 40 sq ft = 5ft unit that measures 5ft x 8ft x 8ft

1-2 bed house – 40 sq ft to 80 sq ft = 10ft unit that measures 10ft x 8ft x 8ft

3 bed house – 80 sq ft to 160 sq ft = 20ft unit that measures 20ft x 8ft x 8ft

4+ Bed house – 150+ sq ft = 40ft unit that measures 40ft x 8ft x 8ft

Now these are just guidelines. Our storage experts can help you find the exact space that you need and they can provide a solution to any storage problem you may have. Just give them a call or fill out the form below.

If you want more information, just take a look at our handy size guide.