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Don’t fall victim to van theft

Ian Bird
  • Ian Bird
  • 2nd November 2020
  • Container Hire Storage for Business
Don’t get hit by van theft.  
It’s reported that, in the UK, a van gets broken into every 23 minutes. Theft from work vans is on the increase in the UK. In 2018/19, there was a 72,063 reported tool thefts;  this rose to 134,749 last year.
If you keep your work tools in your van and someone steals them, your insurance may not cover you.  The average value of van theft is nearly £1,700.
It’s also likely to take time to replace your tools, causing further disruption to your work.
To minimise the risk, it is a good idea to mark your tools with a police-approved forensic marking solution. This becomes visible under UV light.  Also, avoid keeping tools in your van overnight.
You can find more crime prevention advice here.
We can help you by keeping your stock and your tools securely stored and insured.  You can access them whenever you need them, 24/7.  With your tools locked up safely, you also don’t need to worry about thieves vandalising your van. This could save you an expensive repair bill!
Hire of our self-storage units include £20,000 insurance and we have an unbeatable 100% security record.  Your tools are safe with us.