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Can you live in a self-storage container?

Neil Cooper
  • Neil Cooper
  • 23rd July 2018
  • Renting Storage Space

No, you can’t live in a self-storage container.

You may have read about people making their homes in shipping containers, or seen them on TV.

And there’s no doubt you can convert a container into a place to live, but you can’t hire a unit with that intention.

You can store most of your things in a container, just not actually live there.

This is for a variety of reasons.

First, this is simply not what self-storage containers are for! The ones you see on TV are modified for domestic use. They’ve met local planning regulations, and are usually located in residential areas.

But while some containers offered by self-store operators do have power and lighting, they are not connected to a water supply or to drains.

They’re also only insured as storage units and are usually located on industrial compounds.

Add challenges like having no windows and you can see why self-storage containers are just not suitable as a home.