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Can I store Garden Furniture

Crystal Satterwhite-Hurley
  • Crystal Satterwhite-Hurley
  • 2nd October 2023
  • Renting Storage Space

Autumn is already here and winter’s coming!

It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and we start putting things into our sheds and garages for the winter.

Nearly every year though, that can create a number of issues:

“It would be good to put all this costly garden furniture and equipment in the dry. Where can I put the BBQ and gas heater? Then there’s the tent and all the camping kit that goes with it, golf clubs and other sports kit. I’d like to put the expensive bikes in the shed but they take up room and they’re quite valuable. The police have told us that the number of break-ins to sheds are on the up. Is a break in to the shed covered on my insurance policy? The shed also gets quite damp at this time of year, so next year I know, I’ll have to wash down a lot of our equipment before we can use it.  I like to use my shed for my hobbies but I can’t even get to my bench let alone use any tools. There’s the materials that I’m going to use to do some jobs in the garden with next year, they would be better in the dry.

I’d like to put the car in the garage this winter but that’s being used as a storeroom and part-time gym already! My wife still has all her old horse riding stuff. We seem to keep so many books/photographs/memorabilia. Why are we keeping that furniture? Well we may use it at some stage and somethings may not be worth that much, but they are of a high sentimental value to us. We’ve got a dog now and even he takes up space with his crate and kennel! It’s all a bit stressful to be honest. I don’t need a huge amount of storage space and I don’t really need it for a huge amount of time….”

Does this sound familiar?

What’s the solution?     The Space Program!

We are based at 7 convenient locations across the South West; Cardiff, Bridgwater, Weston, Avonmouth, Bristol South, Tewkesbury and Swindon.

When you hire a unit with us, you get one price to pay which includes;

  • 24/7 access.
  • Ground-level unit which you can drive up to, making it easy to load and unload.
  • Free insurance to £25,000 per customer.
  • A secure and safe site with 24 hour monitored CCTV and motion-sensitive lighting.
  • Accessed by your own unique gate code.

You can rent for any period of time, from 2 weeks upwards.  We only ask for 2 weeks’ notice.

We are staffed 8.30-5.30 Monday to Friday, but if you need to move in outside of these hours, we can arrange that.

We also offer our popular Secure Sign & Store service. We will accept, sign for and lock away items that you may want to have delivered to your container.

For more information, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!