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August Customer of the Month

Simon Saverton
  • Simon Saverton
  • 31st August 2020
  • Self Store Storage for Business

Our customer of the Month for August is Livewest Homes Ltd.


LiveWest is a leading developer of housing in the South West and they are making the most of the storage services on offer at the Bridgwater Space Program.

The team at Livewest have quickly discovered the art of operating a business in conjunction with the Space Program. Gary and Ellie among the friendliest, chattiest customers on-site. They always come in and say hello during their visit and they have maximised the use of our services.

The maintenance team from Livewest started by enquiring about a self storage container in Bristol. When they found out about our other services, they realised that we could solve more than just their storage problems.

Their management team didn’t take much convincing once they realised the value they would get out of both our Park & Store and our Sign & Store services.

A couple of weeks later and they are now taking full advantage of all the services we offer. They have become a strong part of the day-to-day life here at Bridgwater.

We were even in a position to assist further after they requested a new padlock with eighteen keys, in order for their very mobile engineers to come and go freely. It’s fair to say Livewest are benefiting well from the Bridgwater Space Program and we are extremely happy to be helping out!

If you want to find out more about Livewest and what they do, just check out their website.