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5 tips for a less stressful Christmas

Katie Richardson
  • Katie Richardson
  • 1st December 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store

Whatever ‘tier’ you are in, we hope you still have a lovely Christmas!

We know how stressful Christmas can get – even in a ‘normal’ year, so we wanted to help.  Here are a few tips to try and take some pressure off the Big Day;

1 – Encourage children to ‘make room’ for Santa!  Get them to identify toys and books that they have grown out of. Charity shops will appreciate donations of clean and undamaged toys and books.

2 – Earn a bit of extra money before Christmas. If you have unwanted items lying around, that you know you’ll never use – like that chocolate fondue set that never came out of the box –  you could try listing on Ebay or other selling sites.

3 – Bin the baubles. Do you have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations, yet use the same few favourites every year? Sort through them and chuck or give away any that you haven’t used for at least the last three years.

4 – Kickstart the kitchen.  Clean the oven and fridge in preparation for the big day.  Sort through your serving dishes and kitchen utensils and just keep the ones you actually use.

5 – Ditch the stress. If it’s all getting too much, remember Christmas isn’t about ‘stuff’, it’s just a day.  Perfect Christmases are for film; in real life most of us overcook the turkey! Try to enjoy it, anyway.

If you want to create a bit more space, but don’t want to get rid of things permanently, you can always store them with us.  Our minimum hire period is just two weeks, so you don’t need to worry about being tied in. Call now to find how easily we can look after your extra bits and bobs for you, and free up some space. Have a less stressful Christmas.