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12 Days of Self Storage – Day 6

Malcolm Harris
  • Malcolm Harris
  • 10th December 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Storage Containers

Today is a homage to one of our favourites;

Day 6 – Hovercraft

Among the more unusual items, is the hovercraft that we store in our Tewkesbury depot.

While we may not all have a hovercraft taking up space at home, lots of people have other items that can dominate their home.  You may have other types of watercraft such as canoes, windsurfers and even sailing dinghies.  Motorbikes and bicycles are quite frequently kept in self storage containers.  You can then take them out for a spin whenever you want, and return them to the container afterwards, without any hassle. You know that they are secure and safe, and you’re not falling over them at home.  Self storage could provide the answer for a more harmonious home in 2021!

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