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People need a bit of extra space for all sorts of reasons. Moving house, a new kitchen, a hobby that’s outgrowing their home, to name a few. Whatever your challenge, our Space Program specialists will find you the perfect solution.

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Why would I need self-storage?

Lots of people need a bit of extra storage space but don’t know how simple and flexible self- storage can be. Well, we’re here to make life easier and we’ve already helped thousands of people like you. They all enjoy having 24/7 access and knowing their stuff insured.

Our additional personal services

Working from home

Lots of enterprising people earn extra money by buying and selling from home. The money’s great but all that stuff in the house and garage can cause the occasional domestic! If this is you, chat to us about how a secure storage units could solve your clutter problems.

Makeover stress

The Space Program can help reduce the stress when when you’re doing a bit of DIY or getting a new kitchen fitted. Just move all your stuff into a unit and suddenly you’ve got room to move! Our minimum storage term is only two weeks — call us to find out more.

New home blues

Have you just moved into a new build and discovered there’s not as much space as you need? Our smallest Space Program units are the size of a small garden shed — except they’re weatherproof and 100% secure! Get in touch and we’ll explain how it works.

Hobby harmony

Are you accumulating an awful lot of stuff related to a hobby or interest? If so, we can help. One of our storage units could be the perfect way to restore some harmony. Call us to find your solution if your hobby is taking over your home.

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Container Storage In A Range of Sizes

5ft unit

This is the baby and holds about the same as a garden shed or a small van.

It measures 5ft x 8ft x 8ft

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10ft unit

This unit is roughly half the size of an average garage and holds the same quantity of stuff as a Luton van.

It measures 10ft x 8ft x 8ft

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20ft unit

Our most popular unit! The size of an average garage and has room for the same quantity of stuff as you’d fit in a 7.5 ton lorry.

It measures 20ft x 8ft x 8ft

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40ft unit

Our supersize unit! This one comfortably holds the same quantity of stuff as an average double garage or removals lorry.

It measures 40ft x 8ft x 8ft

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Introducing Secure Sign & Store

  • No more waiting around for couriers units
  • We receive your deliveries
  • We sign for them and lock them in your own unit
  • You pick them up whenever suits you
  • Available at all our Space Programs
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Case Study

Self-storage puts plumber Rob on the road to success

Local plumber Rob Chidley had been keeping his equipment and materials in his garage at home as well as in his van. This had worked for a while, but as his business — RJC Plumbing & Heating Services — got bigger so did the amount of stuff he needed to store. So he began asking mates if he could spill over into their garages too.

Everything was now a little disorganised and Rob knew he was wasting time going to and fro trying to find what he needed.

In Rob’s line of business, time equals money and he realised he had to do something.

So he rented a self-storage unit at the Weston Space Program. Now he could store everything he needed in one place and he fast found his business was a lot easier to run.

His team could collect what they needed whenever it suited them, 24 hours a day. What’s more, he could even arrange for deliveries to come to his unit while he wasn’t there. No more hanging about waiting!

His family and friends got their garages back, and then Rob discovered an unexpected bonus.

Everything was now running so smoothly that his business began to grow — and grow fast! So fast that he outgrew his self-storage unit and began renting his own warehouse!

We were delighted to help Rob on his journey to success. And he’s just one of the many tradesmen who have found self-storage is a better way to do business.


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